You buy the property, we'll handle the rest

We're striving to be Arizona's most affordable and highest performing residential property management company.


Over the last few decades, we've witnessed the yellow pages modernize into Google search, taxi cab schedules transform into on-demand Uber rides, and finite retail shelf space become virtually limitless with Amazon. Why hasn't the property management industry grown up? While industries around us continue to make significant productivity gains, why has the productivity of most property managers been stagnant for decades?  

Spanning property owners, multifamily brokers, management professionals and software engineers, our team synthesizes all relevant perspectives in designing our technology-driven property management platform. Drawing from our background as owners, our platform prioritizes asset value maximization, transparent financials, and easy communication with residents.  


Access your properties' financials real-time like you would any other portfolio

Communicate with any of your residents or vendors in-app

Forecast asset performance and manage budgets


Browse listings and submit applications

Open a work order in-app by taking a photo of the issue

Manage rent payments easily (and get rewards for paying early!)


Get paid instantly for completing work orders

Create custom work hours and manage employee performance

Minimize costs automatically when completing daily work order schedules, preconfigured to reduce inter-job driving distance

Property management, welcome to the 21st century.

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